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California Maritime Lawyers - Cruise Ship Accident AttorneyTo Know the Ropes is an expression with deep origins in nautical history that was used to describe an experienced seaman of excellence.  The rigging of a square rigged ship contained miles of ropes, and the only way of keeping track of the function of each line was to memorize where they were located.  Only a skilled and experienced seaman  “knew the ropes.”

We know the ropes.

Unlike other law firms who may also practice criminal defense law or or even family law, we only takes cases involving personal injury claims and maritime and admiralty law.   When it comes to maritime and admiralty law, we don’t dabble in the law, we know the ropes.

About Maritime and Admiralty Law

Maritime injury law is complicated — whether you are a passenger or crew member that was injured in an accident involving a boat or ship, or a stevedore worker seeking compensation, you need the skill and knowledge of a dedicated and experienced maritime and admiralty law attorney to understand and protect your rights.

Unlike federal and state tort laws which more clearly govern personal injury cases, there are different laws that apply to cruise ship accidents based on whether an accident occurred in coastal (territorial) waters, international waters, or if the injured person was an employee of a contractor or the ship’s owner ship, or if a crew member falls under the important legal definition of “seaman.”  Lawsuits involving the Navy also require special knowledge of maritime and civil tort laws.

Maritime law governs accidents and offenses that occur on any body of navigable water or waterway including rivers, streams, lakes, seas, bays, and oceans.  Maritime law also covers workers involved in maintaining ships in dry docks, and workers loading or unloading ships even when these activities take place on dry land.  And, it imparts and protects the rights of marine construction workers on land and off shore.

Due to the complexities involved in handling maritime cases, it is important to retain a qualified maritime lawyer who has a solid track record of success, hands-on experience, and who understands and can protect your rights.  Preston Easley is a seasoned trial lawyer for plaintiffs who has the qualifications, experience, and resources to take your cases to court if a fair settlement cannot be obtained for you.

Let Us Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Preston Easley is an experienced maritime lawyer with considerable expertise in handling federal and state cases in the field of maritime and admiralty law.  He will aggressively seek the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to receive.   Attorney Easley represents victims of serious and fatal accidents involving all maritime workers including longshoreman, seamen, crew members, as well as passengers in maritime cases, including, but not limited to:

Maritime Workers We Help

Cruise Ship and Commercial Recreational Boating Accidents and Wrongful Death Claims

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Contact our maritime accident law firm today to arrange for your free initial consultation.  There is no obligation and if we do not recover for you there is no fee.

The statute of limitations on filing claims covered by maritime law are relatively short so it is important that you contact The Law Offices of Preston Easley as soon as possible to learn about your rights and get sound legal advice about pursuing compensation you may be entitled to receive.


About Preston Easley

California Maritime Lawyers - Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

Preston Easley is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. He served five years of active duty as a Naval officer -- three years as a deck officer on a fast frigate and two years as a patrol boat skipper. Mr. Easley also served aboard a tank landing ship in the reserves.

During law school, Mr. Easley longshored and worked as a marine machinist at Todd shipyard. In over 25 years of practice as a maritime injury attorney, he has won landmark decisions at the U.S. Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Federal) and the California Court of Appeal which redefined seaman status, expanded vessel owner duties to longshoremen and ship repairmen and expanded Longshore Act jurisdiction.

As an attorney, Mr. Easley has personally handled numerous catastrophic maritime accidents involving cranes, forklifts, dredges, barges, tugboats, and defective products and equipment.

At the appellate level, he has been a pioneer in expanding the rights of injured workers, frequently reversing lower court decisions and making new law. [Published Decisions]

Attorney Easley practices primarily in California and Hawaii. His clients include longshoremen, shipyard workers, tugboat crewmen, dredge crewmen, pile drivers, marine construction workers, merchant seaman and tour boat/recreational boat crews and passengers. His background in the Navy, and hands-on experience working in the maritime industry gives him a unique perspective on maritime accidents. For a free initial consultation, email or call (310) 832-5315.