Scuba Diving, Commercial Diving and Dive Boat Accidents

About Scuba Diving, Commercial Diving and Dive Boat Accidents

We represent people who have been injured in SCUBA diving accidents and Commercial diving accidents. We also handle diving boat accidents. Diving can be very dangerous. We successfully represented a commercial diver who was seriously injured while cleaning the propeller of a U.S. Navy ship at Pearl Harbor. We have represented divers who have been injured on diving boats and on U.S. Navy ships. We handle accidents for both passengers and crew Men on diving vessels. We can advise you of your legal rights in any type of diving accident. Sometimes SCUBA diving boats will move to a different location and leave people behind in the water. Many things can go wrong while diving. If your diving accident was caused by an equipment malfunction, we will sue the manufacturer of the equipment. You may contact us at any of our three locations. in Honolulu we are located in the historic Dillingham Transportation building at 735 Bishop St. In Hawaii feel free to call us at (808) 922-2383.