Crane And Forklift Accidents Attorney


The Easley firm has extensive experience with crane and forklift accidents and workplace accidents involving dangerous equipment and machinery. These accidents can be caused by operator error and they can be caused by the unsafe and defective condition of the equipment.  Frequently cranes and forklifts lack necessary safety features such as backing bells, backing lights, foot guards and proper rear view mirrors.

There can be a lack of proper traffic controls for industrial vehicles. Crane accidents can be caused by a lack of visibility for the operator, lack of a spotter and the lack of two way radio communications. The Easley firm has successfully settled and tried crane and forklift cases and made new law in this field at the State Appellate Court level.

The Easley firm handles personal injury and death cases involving crane, forklift and defective machinery (product liability) cases. If you have been involved in a crane or forklift accident, please do not hesitate to call.