Injured Crew Members Rights

Crew Members Rights

Your employment status when on board a vessel is largely the determining factor as to which laws apply to you if you have been in an accident, or when someone is killed while working on a vessel or on a ship on dry land.

Crew members who are injured during tourist or other excursions have recourse under the Jones Act to recover damages.   Just two examples of cases where a Injured crew member may be able to seek damages include injuries from accidents that result because:

  • A boat owner has failed to keep it properly maintained and serviced;
  • Crew members are made to work punishingly long hours, or simply doesn’t staff the vessel up to an adequate margin of safety.

Not only can this make the owner of the vessel or its captain liable for any accidents under mainland liability laws to passengers and tourists, reckless and negligent behavior also exposes him/her to damages under the Jones Act if any of the crew members or dockworkers in his/her employ are injured, or killed, in the line of duty.

Accidents involving crew members generally fall under:

Accidents and other tort claims involving passengers aboard cruise ships and small pleasure craft more closely resemble land-based negligence laws.

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