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Hawaiian Tour Boat Crew and Passenger Injuries and Fatal Accident Attorney

Hawaii Tour Boat Accident Attorney – Claims for tour boat accidents and injuries may be confused with those occurring on cruise ships, but the fact is that these are two very different types of vessels. A cruise ship is basically a floating hotel, which stays out on the open seas for days, or weeks, at a time whereas tour boats are much smaller, and they’re designed for day or night excursions lasting only a few hours.

By law, a tour boat operator has to provide a reasonable margin of safety for his passengers and crew including:

  • The vessel must be seaworthy, with no obvious mechanical defects or flaws in its construction.
  • The boat should be equipped with an adequate amount of personal flotation devices;  at least one for each passenger and crew member in the event of an emergency.
  • The boat should be adequately staffed, but not overloaded with more passengers and crew than it can legally carry.
  • The captain must pilot the boat safely; reckless speeding and sudden, sharp turns can result in serious injuries.

If you have been injured — or your loved one has been killed—in a tour boat accident, only an experienced maritime injury and wrongful death lawyer can help to establish the circumstances of the accident and bring the culpable parties (the ship’s owner, its captain, or a member of its crew) to account. You should at least be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and inconvenience; more serious incidents can result in more serious punitive damages from the persons responsible.

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Mr. Easley practices primarily in California and Hawaii and his clients include longshoremen, shipyard workers, tugboat crewmen, dredge crewmen, pile drivers, marine construction workers, merchant seaman and tour boat/recreational boat crews and passengers and he may be able to help you recover for your losses if you were injured on any waterway, port or harbor in Hawaii, including:

  • Ala Wai Harbor
  • Hanalei River
  • Honolulu Harbor
  • Kaneohe Bay
  • Kawaihae
  • Kewalo Basin
  • Pearl Harbor
  • The Pacific Coast

Attorney Preston Easley’s background in the Navy, and hands-on experience working in the maritime industry gives him a unique perspective on maritime accidents. If you suffered a severe injury on a tour boat in Hawaii, while working on a vessel, or someone you loved was involved in a fatal tour boat accident you need an experienced maritime accident attorney to fight for you.

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