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Suing the navy—no matter what the cause of action—is a serious undertaking, and one that is sure to be met with stiff resistance because any successful judgment against one branch of the U.S. armed services may set a precedent for further lawsuits against other branches.  Suing the Navy is also further complicated by the maritime laws involved ranging from the Jones Act to the Public Vessels Act to the Federal Tort Claims Act, and The Suits in Admiralty Act  which deals with  liability for other maritime claims against the government, which do not directly involve a ship. Call cruise ship worker injury lawyer for free advice.

That’s why, if you plan to file a claim against the U.S. Navy, you need the help of a seasoned attorney with extensive experience in maritime law.

Attorney Easley’s background in the Navy, and hands-on experience working in the maritime industry gives him a unique perspective on maritime accidents. If you have been injured in a boating or ship accident, or while working on a vessel, or someone you loved was involved in a fatal accident you need an experienced maritime accident attorney to fight for you.  For a a free consultation to discuss the merits of your case, email or call (310) 832-5315 today.

Civilian Lawsuits Against the U.S. Navy

Lawsuits against the U.S. Navy most often involve civilian ship workers employed at shipyards or on naval vessels. The U.S. Navy has a duty to maintain safe conditions and not to put civilian employees at unnecessary risk.  If you are injured as as the result of an accident on a Navy ship or in a shipyard, you may be entitled to file for damages under the Jones Act (which applies to maritime workers in general) and/or the Public Vessels Act (which applies to claims involving U.S.-owned vessels).

Experienced Trial Lawyer for Legal Action Against the U.S. Navy

Preston Easley is an experienced personal injury and maritime injury lawyer with considerable expertise in handling federal and state cases. His clients include longshoremen, shipyard workerstugboat crewmen, dredge crewmen, pile driversmarine construction workers, merchant seaman and tour boat/recreational boat crews and passengers. He will aggressively seek the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to receive.  For a free initial consultation, call or email our law firm today.