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    Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer San Diego – Preston Easley

    The Law Offices of Preston Easley have a team of experienced Personal Injury Attorneys San Diego, CA deals with significant personal injury cases that involve maritime as well as admiralty injuries. Mr. Easley, who is a renowned longshore accident attorney San Diego as well as a Jones Act seaman attorney San Diego, is responsible for fighting actively for the rights of any injured seaman, crew member, employee, maritime worker, commuter plus cases where maritime workers and construction laborers are involved along with victims of any mishap related to trade, industrial work, not to mention automobiles.

    Our law firm has the reputation of exclusively practicing maritime injury as well as personal injury laws, and we will be guaranteeing you of a favorable result when it comes to your case by combating aggressively. Below we have thrown some light on the various methods that we adopt with the intention of aiding any victim of maritime mishaps along with those households that have lost a beloved family member in a deadly maritime accident:

    Mr. Easley has the distinction of personally handling innumerable maritime mishaps that involve forklifts, cranes, dredges, tugboats, barges, plus faulty equipment and products. He has likewise played a significant part in reversing the decisions of the lower courts on a regular basis, expanding the injured workers’ rights, not to mention implementing new regulations as well. [Published Decisions]

    Preston Easley is known to be a knowledgeable and competent legal practitioner who is equipped with a considerable amount of expertise in dealing with state as well as federal court cases. This reliable shipyard injury attorney San Diego is going to look for the maximum compensation amount which you are eligible to receive, and he will likewise resort to aggressive methods for doing this.

    Preston Easley, being an experienced personal injury lawyer in San Diego, California, can boast of having the required knowledge, qualification, as well as resources for taking your case to court in case you are not able to obtain any fair settlement. This revered individual is known to represent victims that have suffered serious and lethal mishaps that include:

    • Industrial Mishaps
    • Construction Accidents
    • Iron Worker Mishaps
    • Motor Vehicle and Truck Mishaps
    • Operating Engineer Accidents
    • Crane and Forklift Mishaps
    • NASSCO Accidents
    • Shipyard Mishaps
    • Oil Refinery Accidents
    • Marine Construction Mishaps
    • Catamaran Accidents
    • Machinery Mishaps
    • Pile Driving Mishaps
    • Demise on the High Seas Act
    • Longshoreman Mishaps
    • Barge Accidents
    • Recreational as well as Tourist Mishaps
    • Tugboat Accidents
    • Diving Mishaps
    • Hawaii Maritime Accidents
    • Hotel Accidents
    • Commercial Fishing Mishaps
    • Cruise Ship Accidents
    • Lawsuits against the Navy
    • California Maritime Mishaps
    • Fatal Mishaps in International Waters
    • Mishaps under the Jones Act (Seamen)
    • Offshore Oil as well as Gas Worker Accidents

    Preston Easley happens to be one such person who has lots of experience as a personal injury legal practitioner behind him along with remarkable skills in dealing with state as well as federal court cases. On top of this, he is going to look for the optimum amount of compensation that you are eligible to receive, and he will do this in an aggressive manner. In case you would like to come in touch with us, do not give any second thoughts and feel free to either make a call or even email us at our law firm right now.