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Shipyard Workers And The Many Dangers They Face

Working on docks, in shipyards, and building ships ranks high among some of the most dangerous professions in the world.  More than twice the number of shipyard workers are injured each year than in all of the general construction industry combined.

Shipyard workers, dock workers and stevedors, perform some of the most dangerous jobs in the nautical industry.  They often work in tight spaces, surrounded by dangerous conditions and are exposed to hazardous materials and chemicals including paints, solvents, cleaners, and even asbestos.

Working in small, confined spaces can lead to suffocation or asphyxiation.  Areas where high pressure conditions exist, workers may also suffer the painful injury of ear drum rupture.  Still another factor that contributes to the dangers of shipyard workers is that they often work unpredictable schedules and long hours.

Slips and falls accidents can be serious enough on dry land, but slips and falls in a shipyard can expose the worker to the risk of catastrophic injuries if they fall off ladders, scaffolds, or into or underneath heavy equipment.

Shipyard workers perform tasks and work in situations where they are exposed to electrical shocks and explosions and fires.  The rate of burns and electrocution injuries and deaths rate for shipyard workers is higher than those faced in the general maintenance and construction industry.

Asbestos has been used in the ship building industry for decades.  It is now known that asbestos can caused a painful and fatal cancer of the lungs called mesothelioma.  Signs and symptoms take years to show — up to fifty years, before the exposed worker realizes they have the cancer.

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